WHAT’S ON: TATE Collective with Turner Prize winners Assemble present ART GYM

CIRCUIT, formally known as Young Tate, bring a new installation to the Liverpool gallery, in association with Turner Prize winners Assemble. A fresh angle on introducing young people to the creative scene, ART GYM is a love-letter to the joys of the creative process.

DSCN0388ART GYM does away with the fabled ‘stuffiness’ of the art scene and brings artistic thought and creativity right back down to Earth by way of a collection of public workshops that encourage fun, colourful design and out-there ideas. Designed to increase your ‘Art-rate’ (get it?), the gym offers opportunities in badge making, book making (literally book making, not bookmaking) digital design and boasts a printing press.DSCN0389

Experienced ‘instructors’ will walk the public through by way of free lectures and lessons. One particular highlight, Liverpool Art-Scene Heavyweight Jon Barraclough brings to the space the original and bespoke methods of creating art he has become known for. Unveiling contraptions of his own design, expertly cobbled together from bicycle wheels and scrap wood. “You’ve got to do something at the weekend”, he smiles wryly as he shows me his ‘Tombola Machine’, a spinning cylindrical easel that draws influence from sessions held by child-psychologist Donald Winnacott in the 50s. There is also a DSCN0387small cinema to showcase your own movies, and a motion capture psychadelic light show triggered by movement, courtesy of Kimatica Studios.

The ART GYM is running from 8th to 31st March 2016 with a smorgasbord of events every day which you can attend for FREE. Check them out on the TATE Website, and keep in mind that although this is free, some booking is required due to the popularity of this exciting new initiative.DSCN0386

Circuit is a collective for 15-25 year olds led by Tate, providing tutorship and opportunities for young people desiring a career in the arts, and has been the spring board for many successful careers in it’s four years of activity.

Assemble are the controversial winners of the 2015 Turner Art Prize who spent all of last year grafting in Grafton Street, Toxteth in a visually striking and bold urban redevelopment programme, the first of its type, blending architecture and art. For more information on this vital, ground-breaking and community-shaping project, which we at LLTV firmly believe deserves a Turner Prize, check out the website: http://www.granbyworkshop.co.uk/

Words by Neal Oade

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