VIDEO: Forgotten Futures – Kickstarter

“Hovercars! Skycities! Jetpunk Robots!”

A Trip Through the Rift is the Perfect Gift! But what price would you pay for this better tomorrow?

Threshold; Forgotten Futures is a retrofuture mystery adventure and digital arts installation coming to Threshold 2014 (28th – 30th March)! Help out by visiting our Kickstarter page, donate as little as £1!

Discover a unique synthesis of sound, social media and science fiction as you explore two worlds: the festival surroundings of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle; and a parallel world known as the Baltic City, forged from the utopian premonitions of the 50s and 60s.

Expect the unexpected: live theatre performances, scientists running amok, and robots with Twitter accounts are just a few of the strange phenomena you will encounter on the hunt for the mysterious Heart of the Festival.

Complete challenges to unlock a space-shuttle-load of bonus content and prizes, including exclusive live sessions and interviews with bands playing at the festival, afterparty tickets and merchandise!

All you need is your smart telephonic device and a pair of headphones to unlock this exciting voyage into yesterday’s Forgotten Future! So set your phasers to FUN, and listen out for more updates on this FREE space-age saga!

This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of a huge team of lovely volunteers all pulling together to design soundscapes, write code and create awesome art.

In addition to their generous contributions we want to raise funds to cover equipment, record exclusive content for everyone to take away with them at the festival and pay for the app development to make it amazing!

There’s only 17 days left!! To pledge, please CLICK HERE Thank you.

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