Liverpool Mental Health Festival 2016 – Highlights

For the last 6 years Liverpool has celebrated World Mental Health Day. For this 7th year, Liverpool Mental Health Consortium presents the first Liverpool Mental Health Festival (incorporating World Mental Health Day on October 10th) The festival, running from 1st – 16th October, features Music, Dance, Comedy Circus, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Film, information, advice, training courses, workshops and more, happening across the 16 days and beyond.

This short film captures most of the events that happened over the sixteen days of festival activities. The film includes footage from the main festival event in Williamson Square, The Art Exhibition in Unit51 and Constellations, The Writing Competition Final in The Central Library and the events held at PSS and YPAS. All filmed by LLTV’s Autumn Intern Team.

More films showing in detail what happened at each event will be released soon. Only on LLTV and LHMC

Filmed by
Ben Orrell-Jones
Dario Guarini
Charlie Rafferty

Edited by
Jamie McAleny

Music kindly supplied by
Thom MorecroftThanks Thom

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