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Him UpstairsFresh from winning the Best Narrative award at the Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival, short film Him Upstairs is now due to be shown at other Lift-Off events, including the prestigious Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival.

Written and directed by Sonya Quayle and Neil Mooney, Him Upstairs is a character-led production starring Ricky Tomlinson and Gwen Taylor. The story delves into the colourful world of Liverpool fortune-teller, Margaret Conroy, and her beloved husband Frank.

Producers Zoe Guilford and Jane Glasson brought together an amazing team of talented, driven individuals to create the short, which was made by an almost entirely female cast and crew.

This independent, award-winning film also found praise when it was voted Best Unproduced Screenplay at the British Independent Film Festival 2013, an award worthy of such a brilliant, expertly made film.


For more information on Him Upstairs, visit the official website at: www.himupstairs.co.uk

And for about Lift-Off Film Festivals, click here: www.lift-off-festival.com

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