NEW OPENING: Authentic Mexican bar, Maya, opens on Wood Street

Mexican bar Maya officially opened its doors on Wood Street last month. Maya, which is short for the Goddess of the Agave Plant ‘Mayahuel’, is located underneath Lucha Libre, which promises to give customers a taste of contemporary Mexican culture and cuisine.

Maya focuses on the Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), which is all about celebrating life rather than living in fear of death. Owners describe it as ‘a late night trip to the other side with some great cocktails and tunes to accompany you’.

The bar will serve drinks such as Calavera, El Sol, as well as creating their very own homemade bottled sparkling cocktails such the Lady of the Dead, the Titty Twister & The Pancho Libre. And of course Tequila!


Director Alex Hannah said: “All of our cocktails are made using the very best ingredients available and we think it’s important to offer our customers a decent range of cocktails as well as prices. Having visited Mexico several times and enjoying the nightlife that it offers, we felt completely inspired and wanted to replicate that by creating a bar in the heart of the city that offered everything that we fell in love with. We have spent two years transforming the lower level of the building into a distinct taste of the Mexican underworld, complete with private booths, big leather Doberman couches, riding saddles for bar stools and even our very own shrine.”

And if customers are in need of food after their night out, they can visit the bar’s very own taco stand, which will serve quick and delicious food on the move, also perfect for theatre or cinemagoers, from a separate opening on the side of the entrance.


96 Wood Street, Liverpool
Open 6 nights a week (everyday apart from Monday).
For bookings, call 0151 329 0200.

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