REVIEW: MOJO – Food for the Soul | MOJO Liverpool | 17.09.15

MOJO HurricaneServing great drinks alongside the best rock soundtrack, and with the perfect party atmosphere, MOJO is a bar already renowned for being one of the top places in Liverpool to go for a brilliant night out. But now MOJO is adding food to their soul – a new menu filled with the best dishes for you to order. Our resident reviewer, Mari Jones, went along to the food launch to get a taste of this new menu, and to enjoy one of two drinks along the way!

My previous memories of MOJO in Liverpool have always been on a Friday or Saturday night, with throngs of people all dancing (some on the tables!), drinking, and generally having a great time. It really is a bar that you just have to visit on every night out in town. But with their new food launch, my view of MOJO has drastically changed.

Bar food is a staple of most venues like MOJO now, but none are as unique as this. Dishes that you would usually encounter, such as burgers and chicken wings, are all given a completely different twist with stunning new flavours all lovingly used to truly make their menu something special. And it really works, MOJO’s food surpassing anything you’re likely to have tried before.

To get the full new MOJO dining experience, you of course have to start off with a few appetisers, some of which are almost as filling as the main courses. And they are all delicious; from the fried mac and cheese balls, pickles fried in beer batter, and also a perfectly cooked quesadilla filled with black beans, sweetcorn and cheese, with a tequila and lime sour cream.

MOJO Achiote BurgerTheir mains are where MOJO’s unique flavourings really come into play though. All of the burgers, from beef, to pork, to chicken, to bean, are all lovingly prepared with gorgeous fillings and sauces (my favourite two being the Mexican Achiote spiced pork burger with chipotle mayo and jalapeño poppers, and the crispy fried chicken burger with MOJO’s own Louisiana hot sauce!). The chicken wings are also superb and containing even more distinctive flavours, the best one made with peanut butter and jelly (or strawberry jam to us Brits) – an unusual combination that is surprisingly delicious and particularly moreish.

Gorgeous new cocktails are also on the menu to wash down all this food, from the Hurricane containing rum and voodoo syrup, to a mint-flavoured, refreshing Mescal Cooler, as well as one or two delicious hard shakes (the best being one made with bourbon, maple syrup and ice cream!). And of course no meal is complete without a yummy dessert afterwards, the MOJO brownie filled with ginger and rum again giving a great spin on a classic dish – a statement that nicely sums up the whole of this new menu from MOJO.

MOJO Liverpool is now open from noon and serves food until 11pm each day. They can even bring the food straight to your door if you order through Deliveroo! So make sure you check out their new menu for yourself the next time you’re in town – you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised. I certainly know that I’ll be visiting again…

Written by Mari Jones

The Stables
Back Berry St
L1 4BG

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