COMEDY: John McCreadie – When will you grow up?

When Stand-Up Comic John McCreadie is in a room with people, you always hear them laughing. It drives him quite mad, actually. Jumping straight off the comedy circuit in Austrailia and New Zealand, John comes home to the city that birthed him to return the jokes that he stole.

John ‘Big Mac’ McCreadie is stepping on stages across the North-West and further afield. John’s shows are seamless, boundless and fearless, gently bulldozing audience members into recanting their most embarrassing and repressed adolescent fumbles. His new project “When will you grow up?” is a whirlwind tour through the mine-field people call “growing up“; from learning that Santa no longer exists to learning that genital warts do.

Sure, the trade-off of childhood to adulthood wasn’t worth it but the pay-off for coming to see John McCreadie in full swing always is. Catch him now before he ends up going to London and never coming back. Or worse, comes back middle-aged post-career and gets a late-night radio talk show.

Words by Neal Oade

The following five minute film is just a brief highlights package from John’s one man show. For information on how to see the whole show – contact John via his facebook page for more information.

CAUTION: This video has some language and content that some people may find offensive

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