Liverpool Live TV at Sea Odyssey – Day Two

Liverpool Live TV follow the Giant Diver around on Saturday Afternoon. Ben Osu guides us along their route. Watch the Uncle make his ‘mission impossible’ at the Chinese Arch before meeting his niece the Little Girl Giant for the first time, where he tells her the terrible news of her father lost at sea on the Titanic.

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  1. what an amazing weekend and your coverage of the event is fantastic, well done Liverpool Live!

  2. Well done guys! Great footage and interviews of what was the highlight of the year for me! Thanks and keep it up!

  3. WOW – what a weekend – what kudos for Liverpool – and to top it all fantastic coverage here from the talented team at Liverpool Live – well done – my kids and I are loving reliving the amazing ‘Giant’ spectacle.

  4. WOW! As per usual your coverage is inspired :O)

  5. Thanks for that amazing four parter. Didn’t get a chance to actually see them but your footage tells it all xxx

  6. Amazing! Really captures the emotion of the day!

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