LLTV at the Anti Fascist March

Far-right group National Action began digging their own graves by storming in with a puerile “threatening” letter, laughed off by recipient Mayor Joe Anderson. The letter promised a ‘weekend of ethnically enriched chaos and mayhem’, mission accomplished, and involved a seriously foolish suggestion that they might cause some trouble in our inner city areas. Good luck with that one, boys. Christ, good luck in Dingle.

Their approach makes you wonder where they’ve been for the last 30 years when it comes to our fair city. Strutting in, bold as brass, as if they’d stepped off the train in Kendal or Kent or somewhere people are so British that they apologise to their tea-cup when they spill it, our respected guests made it maybe twenty paces before they were rudely awoken to what our make-up as people of Liverpool is.

I believe, if left unattended, the anti fascist groups, the community leaders, members of communities and passers-by hearing the commotion and getting involved, I believe National Action members would have been eaten, literally eaten, so ferocious and single-minded was the opposition.

Every step one of them took, there were fifty opposing parties there to snarl back at them, making grabs and pointing blunt objects. Every clear route to safety was just another corner to get pushed into. These poor fools probably didn’t even have time to finish their first beer of the day before being jammed into another rut, and I hope that’s the case because I’m not wanting to waste one drop of our beer on these “people”.

We had a great time covering the marches today, though not one National Action member was available for comment or to defend their views. They lasted a good 2 hours before scuttling off to wherever. It warmed our hearts chatting to the anti fascist groups, the pensioners, builders, artists, every day Liverpool people come to show the National Action movement what is ours. This whole city is ours and ours alone. And you, National Action, are the ones unwelcome here.

Do not bother us again.

Written and Presented By
Neil Oade

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