Ottersghoul: Maze of Terror

It’s going to be a scream! Tickets are now on sale for Ottersghoul Halloween spectacular. The event runs from Thursday 24th until Thursday 31st October and is guaranteed to get those bones tingling at the Active Adventures Centre, Otterspool.

Their junior sessions run from 5pm until 7pm. Take the little ones into the spooky maze and then race to get out before something or someone scary catches up with you. Once you’ve made your escape then it’s time to jump on the ghost train. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to scream when a ghostly ghoul or spooky spectre creeps up behind you. You can guarantee the kids will be entertained and enjoy a memorable evening out.

For the adults it gets even scarier. The sessions run from 7pm until 9:30pm and this is where the real haunting starts. Are you brave enough to enter the Maze of Terror? Or tackle our gut-wrenching Drop of Doom? You’ll be having nightmares for a week after riding the Zombie Train. A trip amongst the undead does that kind of thing to you! All the attractions are designed to scare, spook and shock.


Made By Liverpool Live Productions for Active Adventures Liverpool.

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