EXCLUSIVE: SheBeat – She never sleeps alone

Shebeat Liverpool Live TV has always been about supporting emerging artists and creative talents across the city. Today’s Exclusive release is no different. SheBeat Music had approached LLTV at one of the summer’s many events to ask if we could help create a music video. Which was to be a first for SheBeat. We of course agreed and teamed SheBeat with one of Liverpool Live TV’s longest serving volunteer interns. Mari is a key part of the Liverpool Live TV infrastructure, a Writer and Director, Mari was given the opportunity to create this video with SheBeat.

Shebeat (2 of 2)The song is inspired by SheBeat’s love and admiration of American Artist – Todd White and in this case especially the print of the same title “She never sleeps alone” which was sent to SheBeat by Todd White after a meeting and an autograph…

Find out more about that meeting with Todd White and more over on SheBeat’s blog page.

Download the NEW EP

Shebeat (1 of 1)

Images courtesy of Bluethumb photography

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