Flamboyant Bella @ O2 Academy

Flamboyant Bella are an up and coming young quartet with a very individual indie sound. Imagine if you will a mad cross breeding of the Kooks and Kate Nash.’ Up and coming’ is certainly the operative phrase here as the group have built up a substantial fan base on the back of the social networking revolution.


Their last major gig before the ‘Wonky Pop’ tour was at the Islington Academy in London which was literally busting at the seams. Despite their crisp, high energy performance, the turnout to the gig in question was nothing short of disappointing. Little more than a hundred people attended the whole gig in the Carling Academy 2, resulting in the crowd being four rows deep at best. Anyone with experience of the Carling Academy 2 can appreciate the amount of empty space. To add to this disappointment, upon observation it was clear that many of those attending were there for ‘Example’, the headline act rather than Flamboyant Bella.

Despite the striking lack of crowd however, one had to appreciate the enthusiasm with which the band delivered their set. Working through a list ranging from their usual crowd pleasers such as ‘Absolutely Wankered’ to their newly released single ‘Abbie’, they did not fail to rouse those who did attend. Not only was the sound quality very good, their stage presence was also quite striking with the lead singer (Flo) providing an energetic stage show.

At the end of the night the afore mentioned Flo admitted that the turnout was disappointing, but remained upbeat and excited about the rest of the Wonky Pop tour. It cannot be forgotten that Liverpool has only just been formally introduced to Flamboyant Bella and if the rest of the tour is as promising as this was, I expect we’ll be seeing much more of them in future.

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