Liverpool Acoustic Festival 2016 Preview: Thom Morecroft

Cheeky Chappie Thom Morecroft strolled down to the office to give us a little taste of what his 2016 is going to sound like.
Unveiling a track from his recent crowd-funded EP Hand Me Down, his song ‘Coming Up for Air’ shines through as a fingerstyle guitar lo-fi masterpiece. The four track EP, which sets up Morecroft as successor to the legacies left by the likes of Bert Jansch and Joe Jackson, has already reached some critical acclaim, and has put him in a position of being one of the more anticipated acts at Liverpool Acoustic Festival.

Down to Earth and easy-going, he walked us through what’s going on in his continuing upward curve through the indie scene. Check him out at the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room on Saturday 19th March @ 1.15pm for city-wide event Liverpool Acoustic Festival. But for now, watch Thom talk to Jamie about music and festival.

Follow Thom Morecroft here, here, here & his pledge music page here.

Words by Neal Oade

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