REVIEW: Adam Ant | Arts Club | 18.04.15

Adam Ant
Adam Ant

White heat, big sound, bold set was the result when Adam Ant, one of the biggest hitters of the UK music scene returned to wow a sell-out Arts Club. Liverpool Live Ant, Shaun McCoy went along (minus the white stripe across his face) to see a truly great performance.

Adam was in town to play the Dirk Wears White Sox album in its entirety, and earlier in the day signed a re-released version plus other memorabilia at Dig Vinyl, where I had my 7” vinyl single of Prince Charming signed.

Fast forward to the gig where the audience absolutely lapped up grandiose gyrating tracks – Car Trouble, Digital Tenderness, Cleopatra, which were known before Adam went really stratospheric.

The songs were delivered with plenty of attitude and wholehearted swagger from one of Britain’s greatest performers and his four exhilarating cohorts. Adam also had great repartee to add about his songs, like when Deutscher Girls became a hit when Pans People danced to it on Top of the Pops clad in lederhosen.

I particularly enjoyed the wildly stylish Christian D’or, flip side of the smash hit no.1 single Prince Charming. It was great to hear that track live as I have owned the record since 1981.

From a trip down memory lane back to the present as Adam and co nudge in a few T-Rex covers which go down well with the audience.

The responses after each song from the audience were rapturous, expressing their huge delight at seeing and hearing the quintessential rock star. The cheers rose even higher when Kings of the Wild Frontier was belted out with plenty of aplomb near the end.

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