REVIEW: Little Comets & Hippo Campus | Liverpool O2 Academy | 14.02.16

Little CometsOn Sunday 14th February 2016, 3-piece indie band Little Comets played at the Liverpool O2 Academy as part of their current UK tour, supported by the up-and-coming group Hippo Campus. Imogen Palmer went along to the gig to catch them both in action.

Going into the O2 Academy on Sunday 14th, it was surprising just how fast fans filled up the venue of an almost sell-out show. The “This one’s for dancing” lads from Newcastle are clearly a big deal on the UK’s indie scene.

Hippo Campus
Hippo Campus

4-piece American band Hippo Campus joined the stage first as the support act for the night, the humble Minneapolis born quartet greeting the audience and automatically grabbing the crowds attention with upbeat tracks and clean vocals. Although the band are indie, there was definitely an electronic dance element to their sound. The band instantly worked the crowd, getting them pumped for the rest of the evening, the lads energetically bouncing around the stage and creating a party-like atmosphere with well put together lighting and amazing guitar riffs.

Suspense began to steadily build as headliners Little Comets then took to the stage, the packed crowd screaming as the band played the first of many hit-worthy songs from their different albums, particularly wowing during the likes of fan favourites ‘Joanna’ and ‘Dancing Song’. The crowd were loving it. Hearing others at the gig describe the Newcastle lads as “so very indie” is a perfect description for the group, and something that is not just felt in their music. These Geordies are indie in every aspect, especially their style, reminding me of the likes of Catfish And The Bottlemen and The Kooks.

At one point during the show, Robert got emotional expressing how it felt to watch people’s reactions to something that he’d written that was personal to him. One female from the crowd then shouted “Will you be my valentine!?” – Robert politely declined but clearly enjoyed the playful banter with the audience.

Little Comets 2
Little Comets

Drawing a close to the show, lead singer Rob toned down the feel to the gig as the rest of the band left the stage. Now just Rob and keyboard, the atmosphere in the room changed and took a much more low key, relaxing quality. Looking around at the crowd it was clear that the fans were in awe of the artist in front of them, and completely hooked on his every word.

Once again the band returned to the stage and fans were screaming as frontman Rob asked “Are you ready to dance?” before kicking off their ‘Dancing Song’ hit. It was at this point that I saw fans the most ecstatic all night. As Little Comets played what was their last song, the crowd were amazed as brothers Robert and Michael Coles turned to face each other, hyping the audience even more as they shared jokes – a perfect, personal end to the show, in keeping with the band’s unique style.

Overall, the group delivered a night to remember for any lover of the indie scene and proved they’re a band to give outstanding performances to loyal fans, who all greatly appreciated such an incredible show. Ending the night with a bang it was clear the bandmates were out to impress, and that they did.

Written by Imogen Palmer

Images by Ben Orrell-Jones


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