REVIEW: Slaves | Shipping Forecast | 13.02.15

slavesKent garage punk duo Slaves brought their audio juggernaut to Liverpool’s Shipping Forecast. Currently riding high on the back of serious radio support from R1 DJs Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens, we sent along our man Shaun McCoy to check ‘em out.

I hadn’t seen anything this supercharged for quite a while. A fellow gig-goer said this could be a ‘you were there moment.’ Slaves are Isaac Holman, drums/vocal and Laurie Vincent, guitar/vocal, they could have effect on the populous just like punk did back in the seventies. The duo’s material features a similar process the previous punks had but with a modern twist.

Cheer Up London has all the mocking wit of John Lydon seen through the eyes of two Kent outsiders despairing of the capital’s impersonality. Done with white anger while tribally battering the skins and caning the razor cutting guitar.

More songs are a ‘play for today’ such as the wrenchingly fearful Hey, and the humorously anarchic Where’s Your Car Debbie? There was plenty of engagement between crowd and band, Isaac crowd surfed and also frequented the audience to deliver his euphoric lines.

You’ll get the chance to hear Slaves for yourself with new album Are You Satisfied? Featuring the single Feed the Mantaray is due for release on 1st June.

Glasgow’s Baby Strange were a very admirable chief support band of resounding punk and rockabilly, cutting the butter with a steak knife. The glam rock drums add an extra dimension to songs like Rat Song/Most Days, VVV and the spaghetti western sounding guitar crunch of Luver. These guys are a stylish outfit as were the first band on the bill, Liverpool’s Native Kings. This 3-piece in contrast were a different kettle of fish as they had a more funky, power punk sound – likened to Muse and Rage Against the Machine. Full of very good vocal falsettos mixed with angst, doomy riffs, fat bass and pummelling beats which feature heavy grooves in admirable tracks such as Reign Over Me, Let It Go and their current single Sound of Victory.

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