SESSION: Maaike Breijman performs Kate Bush at the Liverpool Philharmonic

Liverpool Live TV pay a vist to The Philharmonic to get an exclusive first look at a very special show. Maaike Breijman performs WOW – A Celebration of the Music, Lyrics and Dance of Kate Bush. Jamie McAleny went along to Interview Maaike about the show and recorded two Liverpool Live TV exclusive performances. I think you’ll agree Maaike is a deadringer for a young Kate Bush, in looks, music and dance.

The show takes place at the Philharmonic Hall on Thursday 12th April 2012 and tickets are available from the Philharmonic website


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  2. Have got tickets for the show but on this preview she is a very decent singer and pianist no question about that ,but a decent singer and pianist who sounds uncannily nothing like Kate Bush!
    Might as well be singing celine dion ,cabaret singing dressed up as KB.

  3. The show is a celebration of the words, music and dance of Kate Bush, so to be fair Maaike isn’t a traditional ‘tribute’ act. At least we know she can sing, play and erm dance. I’m pretty happy it’s not a celebration of Celine Dion!

    • Well im back! Just seen the show and hats off to the girl Maaike, the very talented musicians and dancers were excellent, the costume changes and set pieces where all entertaining,so Although she doesnt sound 100% spot on ,there is more than enough to enjoy in the show!
      One fault if I may was finishing on Wuthering Heights,everyone is up yelling for and encore ( as you do and you get at least one but then nothing,house lights up thats your lot!).
      I know KB finished on WH in 1979 but she didnt have half these songs in her catalogue then anyway! Im afraid Maaike You will have to leave the stage earlier ,come back on do the big sky and say erm… `Oh england my lionheart` Massively missing from the show by the way,leave again then the big flourish of WH,there job done ,we got the encore we all deserved!!
      But well done all the same!!

  4. What can I say WOW. I thought she was fantastic from start to finish. I do believe she should have performed an encore but she’s is just finding her feet in the tribute industry by the look of it Job well done maaike x

  5. Apparently this show is touring early next year, feb march,get to see it if you can!
    can anyone confirm Liverpool is on the tour?

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