SHOUT: Elevant | District | 13.03.15

ElevantPsyche-rock trio Elevant have announced that they will be launching the release of their new LP ‘Dreamface’ at District as part of their new UK tour on 13th March 2015. TICKETS

The visceral ‘Open Heart Surgery’ has been chosen by the Liverpool-based band as the first single to be released from their forthcoming Dreamface LP.

Featuring a psychotic guitar riff, frenzied, guttural vocals from the band’s front-man Michael Edward and a neatly placed flamenco-style breakdown, the track shows the band come good on their promise of heavier and more experimental material than ever before.

‘Open Heart Surgery’ features the full and current Elevant line up including: Michael Edward (Guitars/Vocals), Hannah Lodge (Bass Guitar) and Tom Shand (Drums). The track was recorded at Liverpool’s now defunct Western Recording Company. It was engineered by Kyle Western and produced by Michael Edward.

Speaking about the band’s decision to release the track and its personal subject matter, Edward said: “We picked it because it’s short and sweet, and encompasses a lot of our different aspects of our sound. It’s a first person account of my grandmother getting a triple heart bypass in her 80s, and the inherent worries about death that come with it.”

So far, there are only plans for the track to be physically released on the album alongside the other 8 tracks that comprise the band’s sophomore effort.

‘Open Heart Surgery’ will be released exclusively on the Dreamface LP as a physical format – out 13th March 2015 via EML records.

To pre-order Dreamface and receive a free copy of the ‘Open Heart Surgery’ visit the band’s bandcamp:

13th Mar 2015


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