#theLoft Exclusive: Cousin Avi

A few of the guys from Cousin Avi called into the Liverpool Live TV studios to give us an exclusive stripped back version of “Breaking for Love” whilst they were in the city working on a new EP. Enjoy

Who are Cousin Avi?

Francisco Iannuzzi is Cousin Avi’s frontman, born in Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of three you would have found him on the coffee table in his living room, watching Michael Jackson live in Bucharest, doing his best to emulate the man himself; wearing a white glove, moccasins, and white socks. Before Cousin Avi, he hadn’t sung for anyone other than himself, but once he popped, he just couldn’t stop.

Stuart Hemming is the band’s guitarist. With big hair, bare feet and blistering riffs… Stuart rocks a guitar with the same passion that a mother rocks her baby!

Bass duty falls at the size 13s of Ross New. A diverse songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a background in ‘Death Metal’ creating bass lines Pino would be proud of. A consistent driving force in the bands truly unique sound; our ‘Tower of Power’.

Duncan Coverdale is Cousin Avi’s drummer and guardian of the van keys. With a consistency that never wavers, and fills as complex as his character, Duncan’s acrobatic drumming and well toned abs are sure to have you grooving and asking for more.

Despite his bearing resemblance of a hardened spartan, Jacob Stoney doesn’t like sun. What he does like however, are Rolands, Korgs, an odd little keyboard called a Virus, and weird handshakes. Not only was he blessed with the enviable ability to grow a smashing beard from a young age, he is also quite good at playing piano and harmonising; better than his handwriting would suggest. A smart, reliable chap, coupled with his musical talent, he is an invaluable addition to the Avi sound.


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