#theLoft Exclusive: Rosenblume

Liverpool Live TV’s #theLoft exclusive’s continue with local troubadour Rosenblume. Rosenblume, for this session are Daniel on guitar and vocals and Jon on keyboard and vocals, performing “Nerves of Steel”. The guys were in the office to promote the NEW EP – All through the fire, All through the rain, which is launched tonight at LEAF, Bold St.

Taking its name from the stirring eponymous track “All Through The Fire, All Through The Rain”, the EP comes as a labour of love from singer-songwriter Daniel ‘Rosenblume’ Ross after nearly two committed years in the making.

Inspired by the folk greats of Greenwich Village, Laurel Canyon and beyond, this confident debut release displays Rosenblume’s penchant for songs wrought with passion and emotion, breathing new life into an art of writing long forgotten.
Despite being written in August 2014 and being the last track in which to be penned for the record, it didn’t take long for Rosenblume to realise the striking track’s place as a mainstay on the release.

We spoke to Daniel and Jon about the EP and any summer gigs they have coming up…

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