VIDEO: Highfields “The Chase (Oh Lord)”

Liverpool Live TV first met up with Highfields at Sound City 2012 and made them perform in an alley behind The Brink Here is their latest video, directed by Toby Everett.
Highfields are the latest in a long line of top quality musical exports from LIPA, the Paul McCartney backed Liverpool school of music that’s previously given birth to Dan Croll, Mikhael Paskalev and many more. Coming together from all corners of the globe, this multicultural melting pot of musicians hailing from Canada, Norway, Jersey, Singapore and South Africa have today unveiled the video for their new single The Chase.

The Chase (Oh Lord!) is a rousing, stomping introduction to one side of the Highfields take on modern folk, and tells the tale of a time when singer Robert Mulder and a childhood friend got caught thieving from a local shop. He was destitute and his parents didn’t trust him, so he turned to songwriting as a form of therapy and a source of income. The message of the song is that sometimes we get caught up in the chase and lose sight of the consequences our actions create for ourselves and those around us. The video, directed by Toby Everett, alludes to the parallels between the two seemingly different, yet similar, social/economic climates in Canada and England that both produce crime and poverty.

Here is our meeting with Highfields last year…

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