WHATS ON: Be Lovely Day | Everywhere! | 23.01.16

Be Lovely DayJust before the traditional Blue Monday on Saturday 23rd January 2016, local ambassadors across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be putting smiles on faces for annual Be Lovely Day – an event that was born in Liverpool but has since become global.

Inspired by the Banksy artwork ‘Flower Thrower’, the Liverpool event was created by Jodie Schofield to help people tackle the January blues, an idea that quickly caught the imagination of like-minded people around the world via social media. Launching in January 2013, Be Lovely Day initially reached over 5000 people thanks to online support, spreading across the world as people shared their lovely experiences online, even including a story of a lady in San Francisco knitting a coat for her neighbour’s cat. 2016 will be the fourth annual Be Lovely Day, and as such will be the biggest yet.

The Banksy artwork ‘Flower Thrower’ which inspired Be Lovely Day

Event creator Jodie Schofield says: “By ‘paying it forward’ or performing a random acts of kindness on Be Lovely Day, you encourage others to do something nice for others without expecting anything in return. Playing to the power of 3: If you can do something nice for three individuals, who then in turn do something nice for 3 different people, this creates a ripple of loveliness around the world… We can all make a difference. You can be the difference!”

A local singer-songwriter as well, every year organiser Jodie (known on stage as SheBeat) puts together a free family-friendly music show at The Brink to celebrate Be Lovely Day. This year there will be DJ-ing sets and live music featuring tons of local talent, including SheBeat herself, Kaya, Neildsy, Mick Roach and DJ Bernie Connor, and Global Love Letters will also be attending for a special letter writing session. As an extra treat for Be Lovely Day this year, there will be a free download available of original SheBeat song ‘Believe’ at soundcloud.com/shebeat for everyone to enjoy too.

But those of you staying at home on Be Lovely Day shouldn’t feel like you can’t take part. Just make an effort to put a smile on someone’s face on January 23rd, wherever you happen to be. Participants can organise meet-ups for sharing their lovely plans and stories, or simply take to social media to talk about their adventure. Whether it’s paying a compliment to a stranger in the street, making dinner for a loved one, or knitting something special for a friend (or their cat!), Be Lovely Day is a simple, yet perfect way to make a great start to 2016.

Saturday 23 January 2016

(Music starts at 2pm at the Be Lovely Day event at The Brink)

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