NEWS: The Quarter and HOST share messages of love for Valentine’s Day

The QuarterTwo popular Georgian Quarter neighbourhood eateries in Liverpool have recently adorned their windows with messages of love for Valentine’s Day. Both The Quarter and HOST want to put the fun back into Valentine’s, and are hoping that guests will do the same for this weekend’s holiday.

Co-owner Gary Manning came up with the idea after seeing how the industry broadly markets the holiday, and wanted to come up with an exciting alternative for the day. Gary said: “I think ironically, some people have fallen out of love with Valentine’s Day perhaps because of the pressure involved. I think it means so much more than just buying somebody a present. We just wanted to do something that was fun and engaging for our guests and we’ve already had loads of great feedback!”

The owners hired Katie Scott, a theatre designer who trained at LIPA, to create the inspired window dressings. She said: “I love working on big displays and looked at the various treatments of Valentine’s Day. It seemed like some of the opportunities were overlooked to focus on the themes we decide to use. We also really liked the thought of guests being able to share their declarations of both known and unknown love for someone on the windows…that’s where the post-it notes idea came from!”

Katie added that on the back of this project she has, “also been commissioned to produce a series of window displays throughout the year for The Quarter and HOST exploring similar themes…it’s all about food, love and life!”

Be sure to check out the window displays at both The Quarter and HOST this week…and maybe even pop in to leave your own message of love!

The Quarter
10 Falkner St
L8 7PU

31 Hope St
L1 9HX 




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