Ben Osu

Ben Osu is one of Liverpool’s rising stars, and a quick one at that. Before Ben had left secondary school he was running his own organisation and projects, promoting the positive aspects of young people and youth culture and also providing opportunities to his peers. In 2010 he brought himself up to the national level when he brought the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards to the city along with a £5M boost to local economy. The MOBO Awards returned to the city for their 2012 ceremony and had clear influence and input from Ben. He continued to develop relationships and links in many industries, music being the key area, striking up partnerships with international brands, including the telecoms giant, Telefonica O2.

Ben has started to develop his career in the media, with an interest in presenting and help from Liverpool Live TV CIC. He has interviewed stars such as Sir Richard Branson, Martin Luther King III, John Bishop, Mel C and many more. Ben has a strong focus on people and communities and has done, and will continue to work with many communities on regeneration and engagement projects. In 2012 Ben was selected as a London 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer.