REVIEW: Sad. Man. Smiling. premiere | FACT | 02.04.15

Sad. Man. Smiling.Running for over 6 years, PurpleCoat Productions are a unique company who pride themselves on supporting local talent within theatre and film. Last week PurpleCoat held the premiere of their latest film Sad. Man. Smiling. at the FACT cinema in Liverpool, and also celebrated their many achievements over the years.

Since it first began, PurpleCoat Productions have gradually become an established troop of artists in everything from theatre, film, writing, photography and many other areas of the arts. Yet it is still a company that is happy to welcome new talent from all walks of life with open arms. It is also one that has become renowned for producing truly original theatrical works, as well as memorable versions of Shakespeare’s classics that look at the Bard’s works in unconventional yet interesting ways.

Theatre might be the thing that they have become truly well-known for, but they have also proved their inimitable talent within the world of film. Having already received great critical acclaim for their previous short The Big Day, which was shortlisted for the Virgin Media Shorts awards in 2013, PurpleCoat Productions latest film, Sad. Man. Smiling., again assembles the company’s regular cast and crew to great effect. A self-aware horror short, Sad. Man. Smiling. follows the story of previous Oscar-winning actor Peter Pacino (Paul Carmichael), now washed up and looking for the next big thing that will help him find stardom again…but instead finding himself on the set of yet another zombie flick to make ends meet. However this time things pan out very differently (and more realistically) then Peter first expected.

Directed by Karl Falconer, one of the founders of PurpleCoat Productions, the film is not only a joy to watch but also a superb showcase of the company’s talent in every aspect. The direction, the writing, the cast, the cinematography – it proves just how talented and diverse PurpleCoat truly is. It is also genuinely and unexpectedly hilarious, especially when it parodies the horror/zombie genre, or whenever Paul Carmichael chews up the scenery as the OTT Peter Pacino.

Following the film’s premiere was a short documentary on the history of PurpleCoat Productions as well as the work they carry out. It was great to learn more about the company and to see their overall goals in action: to encourage others to act, to be creative and most importantly to make an effort to keep the arts alive in Liverpool. Here’s hoping that whatever project they have lined up next, PurpleCoat Productions carry on down this path and continue to do what they are doing.

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