INTERVIEW: Trisha Duffy writer of Broken Biscuits

Trisha Duffy talks to Liverpool Live TV intern Katy Parry about her new production of Broken Biscuits a play about friendship, love, laughter, sadness running at the Lantern Theatre 9-11 November 2014.

A tale of two best friends whose friendship has spanned over 20 years until Rita’s son James took a fatal bullet in Afghanistan saving Maggie’s son Paul.

Rita and Maggie were more like sisters until this devastating tragedy shattered both their lives and their friendship, with emotions high things may be taking a turn for the worst.

Maggie is desperate to save the friendship but doesn’t realise Rita just wants to die. A packet of ginger nuts and a cuppa tea may not be enough to resolve this situation, can Maggie save the friendship and Rita.

Friendship, Love, laughter, sadness and hope are all at the centre of this touching story along with the devastating long term effects that war has on everyone not just those on the battlefield



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