LLTV at the Theatre: Sex and the Three Day Week

Liverpool Live TV caught up with Lucy Phelps and Robin Morrissey who both star in The Liverpool Playhouse production of Sex and the Three Day Week.

In Sex and the Three Day Week, Sharkey takes Feydeau’s original and reimagines it for early 1970s Britain – a time of strikes, blackouts, free love and the three day week. With an explosion of middle-age crises, mistaken identities and misfiring sexual shenanigans everything is turned upside down when two couples explore relationships outside of their marriages and release a roller coaster of laughter.

Philip’s frustrated, while his wife Angela thinks he’s past it, he wants to share a whole lotta love with Catherine from next door. When the naughty neighbours check in at the Paradise Hotel, it’s a night to remember – for all the wrong reasons. Throw in Fanny the French maid, Detective Inspector Connors of the Vice Squad, a snake called Cecil and Tom the mynah bird, and it all makes for a chaotic cocktail of confusion leaving the would-be lovebirds not even halfway to Paradise.


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