Catch a wave in the heart of the city, as Bondi Beach comes to the heart of Liverpool!

During July, August and September 2011, the City Central Business Improvement District (BID), will be transforming Williamson Square into a Surfer’s Paradise, with the introduction of the City Wave experience. The City Wave is a unique simulator, where children and adults can experience first hand the thrill of surfing and wakeboarding whilst staying perfectly dry!

Budding Kelly Slaters will ride the state-of-art machine pitting their wits and balance against a revolving carpet of soft brushes rather than Atlantic rollers, and getting a true taste of life by the ocean.

Safe and accessible to all ages*, riding the City Wave is a great way to get fit whilst having loads of fun. Improving balance and co-ordination, riders will enjoy a surfing workout in the most exciting and innovative way you could think of!

Challenge friends and family to see who can stay on their feet for the longest time and share your experiences in City Wave’s Facebook Hall of Fame! 

City Wave will even provide the cool tunes, with their very own DJ playing the latest hits from ‘The Crow’s nest’ – and riders and spectators will able to grab a healthy snack and smoothie in the cool beach bar café.

So grab your flip-flops and factor-50 and head to Williamson Square this Summer!

For more information and to sign up for special offers and discounts visit 

Opening hours: 11.00am – 10pm (7 days a week.)
The City Wave, Williamson Square
Cost £3.50 to ride 

*Please note the minimum age to ride the City Wave is 5 years.

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