COMING UP: 303 presents Andrew Weatherall, Williamson Tunnels 20th April 2014

With Justin Robertson, Oliver Lieb and Dave Seaman already shaking the brick arch of the Williamson Tunnels to its foundations, one of Liverpool’s newest underground club nights, 303, will raise the bar even higher this Easter with a set from one of techno’s most enduring DJs – Andrew Weatherall. TICKETS

Much like the synthesiser that gives the night its name Weatherall’s name resonates throughout the history of dance music. His musical output is refreshingly wide ranging, adding his production nous to the Ecstasy drenched Screamdelica masterpiece from Primal Scream, infusing St Etienne’s cover of Neil Young ‘Only love can break your heart’ with a glorious melancholy dub and crafting menacing electro breaks with Radioactive Man under the Two Lone Swordsmen pseudonym.

303 will be placing Weatherall in an environment he knows only too well, a low ceiling rave cavern rammed to the rafters with seasoned music lovers, the Williamson Tunnels. DJ support comes from long time Liverpool Lord Sabre acolyte Mr Paul and the 303 residents.

Sunday 20th April 2014

303 presents
Andew Weatherall
Mr Paul

Williamson Tunnels
The Old Stableyard, Smithdown Lane
L7 3EE

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