COMING UP: Living With Macbeth at Unity Theatre, 7-8 Sep 2012

Storm Theatre’s ‘Living with Macbeth’ returns to Liverpool at the Unity Theatre in anticipation of the 2012 Shakespeare Festival. The play is written and performed by Paul Braithwaite and Kevin Brannagan and features original music from local acoustic act Kaya.

‘Living with Macbeth’ is a psychological story about reminiscence and past glories. It is also a story about actors and what they do… and what they should not do.

He’s played Lear, he’s played Hamlet and he’s played Macbeth. He’s played them all and he was good – damn good. But then something happened to change all that – and now he doesn’t play them anymore. Now he just sits… and he dreams.

Paul Braithwaite said: “Three years in development, ‘Living with Macbeth’ started out as something completely different. Originally imagined as a two-man performance of Macbeth in its entirety, we came to realize that we were in fact working on the wrong play. We found, quite by accident, that there was a story to tell concerning an actor’s memories of his life in the theatre, with a particular focus on a performance of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.This study of a troubled mind’s memories and the ghosts that still haunt it, is the result of that realization.”

‘Living with Macbeth’ launched at Threshold Festival in February 2011, then in April of that year became the first theatre production ever to be performed at the legendary Parr Street Studios. This year, Storm Theatre return to their spiritual home of the Unity Theatre as part of their autumn programme.


Living With Macbeth
Unity Theatre
Fri 7th & Sat 8th Sep 2012
Tickets £10/£8 (conc)
Available from and from the box office on 0844 873 2888.

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