COMING UP: Ping Social, Camp and Furnace, 21 June 2013

Ping! Social
is the official launch of this year’s Ping! Festival 2013. They have teamed up with Bido Lito and C.A.L.M. to bring you Ping Social at Camp & Furnace. Following the success of last year’s Ping! Liverpool festival and the dramatic resurgence in the popularity of Ping Pong events across England, Ping! Social will be bringing you a series of fun-filled monthly events on the third Friday of the month through 2013 and 2014.

The events will incorporate Ping-Pong into a range of social, inclusive activities, such as friendly tournaments, beer-pong, art competitions, professional coaching and many more activities. With an atmosphere enhanced by live music, and DJs, all taking place alongside Camp & Furnace’s flagship event “Food Slam Friday”.

The event will mark the beginning of the Ping! 2013 Festival hosting 8 full-size Ping Pong tables, enabling groups of players to compete against each other, while also encouraging people to integrate with those around them. All this will be specially designed to be as competitive and as skillful as the combatants themselves wish, creating a unique social community and environment built on interaction and inclusion.

The soundtrack of the evening will be assisted by our new partner, Liverpool’s leading music Magazine; Bido Lito, who will be introducing ‘The Loud’ to the Ping! Social crowd and later in the evening we will have a DJ set from ‘Hold It Down’, a Camp & Furnace regular, renowned for breaking traditional music boundaries with an experimental mix of Disco, House and Techno, picking up the pace and sharing a cracking few hours of amazing party music to dance to before we shuffle off into the night.

These style of events have proven to be very popular in London (with New York also seeing an dramatic increase in popularity), with Ping Pong bars, restaurants, clubs and pop-up events appearing throughout the capital city, and with Liverpool’s “anything London can do Liverpool can do better” attitude, as well as a cultural shift in what people are looking for from a night out, highlighted by the growth in themed bars and ad-hoc cultural events all across Liverpool, it was always going to be a style of event that was transferable to Liverpool’s unique/changing cultural and social environment.

As with last year’s event Ping Festival have teamed up with the charity C.A.L.M. to help raise awareness about the good work they do in preventing male suicide across the UK.

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