Curiositease – An evening of Burlesque, Zanzibar July 6 2013

Florence Fontaine, Vixie Vengence and Ellie DeVille present an evening of Burlesque and Curiosities at Liverpool’s Zanzibar. Performers include Diva Hollywood, Eliza DeLite and Aurora Galore. BUY TICKETS


Diva Hollywood: Internationally renowned performer with spectacular whip cracking skills

Eliza DeLite: The reigning Queen of British Burlesque, Eliza has just been invited to compete at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas

Aurora Galore: Fire breather and Gaga enthusiast

Flixx Demontrant: Burlesques answer to Johnny Depp

Oh Carolina:

Lilith Noir:

Mimi Amore:

Kitty Kimono:

Compared by the fabulous Miss Rusti Patches

Tickets: £10 advance £13 on the door


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