REVIEW: Hanover Street Social

As a regular diner in the restaurants of Liverpool ONE, I had heard mixed reviews about Hanover Street and had subconsciously been avoiding it (for no good reason it seems). Not one to believe all the hype whether it be good or bad, I decided I needed to check it out for myself. Holly Plant reviews…


When we arrived, it was pretty busy, especially for a Monday night service. We were quickly shown to our table by the helpful members of staff and our waiter offered us some water before we even thought about drinks!

I’m certainly not one for overbearing levels of service, but I think Hanover Street Social have got it ‘spot on’. You don’t feel a sense of intrusiveness on their part, but at the same time, it seems they just ‘pop up’ just to remind you that they haven’t forgotten about you and to check that everything’s alright. Our waiter Ross, was an outstanding young man. Polite, friendly and completely at ease in his busy section. He explained the Monday Night Offer, the soup of the day and the specials. 

We decided to go for the Monday Night Offer: 2 courses from the A la Carte menu, plus a bottle of wine per person, for just £17.50. With it being a school night, we were sensible and only had one bottle between us.

My starter was warm butternut squash, artichoke and broad bean salad with thyme vinaigrette. I’m not usually a ‘salady’ person, but there was something that just stood out about this dish on the menu. Fresh, zingy and fragrant with woody notes from the thyme cut through with the light dressing. The textures of fresh broad beans, peppery crisp rocket and meaty artichokes complemented each other very well.

I am, however a ‘steaky’ person. I like to see what my husband’s up against from time to time. Plus, when I see a delicious 28 day-aged ribeye on the menu, what’s not to like? So I had the aged English beef with leaves, grilled tomato and French fries with béarnaise sauce.

Cooked rare in the middle and charred from the charcoal grill on the outside, this juicy piece of meat was a joy to eat. The buttery, aniseed flavours coming through from the tarragon in the sauce melded with the melt-in-your-mouth texture of the beef. I can take or leave a grilled tomato to be honest, but with a piece of meat that big, I felt compelled to eat it, just to balance myself out!

After a long (and well deserved break) we faced the decision of dessert. Not whether to have one, rather, which one to have! A creamy, sharp, tangy pud was in order, so the Lemon posset with homemade shortbread and blueberry compote it was.

We left feeling full enough to hibernate for the winter. We loved the personal non-invasive service and the well-cooked, quality food and will definitely be going again.


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