HAVEN’T YOU HEARD 07.02.14 – East India Youth | Oxygen Thieves | The Strypes

Hello all you beautiful people, I hope you have all had a great week? I have been very busy this week and here’s a selection of some of the music and gigs that have caught my attention including a little review from East India Youth at Korova. Jess x

East India Youth whom I did a little preview on a few weeks ago played Korova on Saturday and he didn’t disappoint. I didn’t know what to expect if I’m honest. The music of his that I had listened to beforehand struck me as a bit dull so I was interested to see how it came across live. With a name like East India Youth you would instantly think the guy behind it all is going to be exotic. Sorry to disappoint but he is not, I met him on Saturday and he is just a normal guy, you wouldn’t look twice at him in the street. But this “normal” London guy comes alive on stage! It was amazing!!!!!


The venue was perfect, it felt like we were all at an underground gig, it’s what I imagine Eric’s to be like in its day. A healthy crowd gathered to watch this amazing performance, there’s more people into this genre than what I first thought! EIY got up and did his “thang”, I am using that word because it was fucking unreal!!! He started off quite chilled then it got better and better. The beats we’re unreal, and it got even better when he pulled out his bass guitar and was the personification of the term “slapping da bass”, unreal. I felt like I was in another world, I was just mesmerised!! The crowd were loving it, everyone either nodding their head or stomping their feet. It was near enough impossible to keep still! Don’t be stupid if East India Youth comes to play near you, GO AND SEE HIM!


Wirral lads Oxygen Thieves, who I’ve seen a few times, are really making a name for themselves now. They’re backed by Alan from DeltaSonic, who is a good person to have on your side. Their sound is very alternative, not rock, not indie but almost psychedelic. Having done many gigs in 2013 they have now gone on to record an EP. The lads haven’t given us a release date as yet but keep your eyes peeled folks and support local music!


The Strypes, a 4 piece from Ireland, describe their music as Rhythm and Blues to me they are but they have a 60’s/70’s slant on their sound which is very intriguing. The band age from 16-18 and they all have fabulous hair I must say. I was watching an interview with them and the thing that popped in my head was The Commitments, I love that film so much but I guess the only reason they remind me of the film is because of the accents hah! Their music is absolutely fantastic and mostly guitar based (which seems to be of high demand at the moment). I feel that these guys and other similar bands are the start of guitar music coming back THANK YOU GOD!!! Hopefully The Strypes will be influencing other young bands to do the same and play guitar music!

The Strypes are playing EVAC on 20th Feb. Make sure you get down there!! TICKETS

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