INTERVIEW: Justin Robertson ahead of Cream Reunion 4

CREAM REUNION returns this month and we caught up with the very dapper gentleman DJ Justin Robertson ahead of his forthcoming set back in the Annexe on Sat 31 March 2012. 

You’ve had a long history with Cream, how did the club change for you over the years?
well it certainly grew in size! it carved its place in history really, a major clubbing destination worldwide. The chaps always had a passion for music, so though it was often quite commercial in some senses, it always had a real quality underground element to it, you could play some really wonky stuff in there ,it wasn’t just all ”big tunes” and fluffy bras, it was sweaty and jacking too. I think it grew with the times, took in a lot of styles and kept evolving.

Any funny/interesting stories from Cream days?
a lot of very strange things happened after the club had closed… Jim King appearing in full cricket whites with pads and bat takes some beating.

What can we expect from you on the night? Will you be digging out your vinyl collection or have you converted digitally?
i think i’ll go vinyl, i do play cds etc, but for tonight its got to be records, plus the fact it will take me months to record them all! might be a few crackles..

All time Cream classic?
Argh thats too hard to say… i used to hammer ”cymbal- crash” and a lot of Chemical Brothers stuff, a definite predilection for wild pitch records, a lot of 303 action .

Tell us about your new project the Deadstock 33’s?
yes its all going very well, its a kind of visceral primitive psych house disco sound! quite raw, with a certain live feel at times, other times quite twisted and odd. I’ve done a lot of well received remixes for the likes of Justice, Erol Alkan and Boysnoize, 2 Bears, Japanese Popstars, Steve Mason, i’m just about to remix The Warm Digits and Paul Weller… also i have tracks out or coming out with Batty bass and Join our club, and i continue to collaborate with the excellent Daniel Avery [Stopmakingme] we have just remixed Joakim and we are about to release a new ep on Gomma.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012?
the Deadstock 33s album is done, so hope to get that out, also an ep of Bob Calvert era Hawkwind covers! Just writing some new stuff, and get a lot of stuff released. as i said above i have lot of stuff coming out this year, which is great..i love to be busy!

Your playing alongside another Cream legend at the reunion, Dave Seaman. Who would win in an arm wrestle?
Hmmm, well i do try to keep myself in shape, and i am a regular at the gym… but i have to say i’d fancy Dave for an arm wrestle as my technique is all wrong!


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