HAVEN’T YOU HEARD 10.01.14 – Happy New Year | Seattle Yacht Club | Be Lovely Day | Catfish and the Bottlemen

Firstly Happy new year to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmastime? 2014 is going to be amazing with Sound City and Threshold festivals only a few months away. Plus we have the return of the Giants and LIMF to look forward to. Here’s my first weekly blog of the year featuring Seattle Yacht Club, Be Lovely Day and Catfish and the Bottlemen. Hope you like it. Jess x

I’ve been listening to Seattle Yacht Club on my iPod. These two lads from Southport, grew up next door to each other and they have brought us some wonderful ‘electro-art-pop’. A very interesting sound which reminds me a bit of Everything Everything as they also favour singing at a higher pitch than what the male voice “should”. You cant help but like this band just a little bit, even if their style is not normally your thing.


Their new single “You’ve gone too far” (released on Soundcloud) is insanely catchy and I love the synths and strong bassline. I think that these guys need to be watched as they have a solid commercial sound and I am sure that young girls will like them. They’re playing Hoxton Bar & Grill in London on Jan 31st but hopefully we’ll be able to catch them up here very soon. Keep your eyes and ears open peeps these guys are certainly ones to watch.

nice-biscuitsOrganiser of the annual BeerdFest, Jodie Schofield has had the wonderful idea of making a a day in January “Be Lovely Day” the perfect way to warm up a cold grey January day. “Be Lovely Day” is simply about being nice to people you know or even don’t know. Do something lovely that will make yourself feel nice and other people will be lovely back. This is all happening on Saturday 11th January 2014.

I for one will be taking part in this event. I might even attempt to make my family dinner, but then again my cooking isn’t the best so perhaps it wouldn’t be that lovely. I’ll smile and say “Hi” to every person that walks past me and will compliment people if they look nice. You should all take part because it is just lovely. DO IT!! Cheer someone’s day up, it is therapeutic for everybody. Jodie says “Last year we reached over 5000 people through the power of social media – a lady in San Francisco knitted a coat for her friend’s cat! Let’s do it all again and make kindness a part of our everyday lives, research says doing kind things for others makes us feel better too”

There’s a Lovely meetup for Liverpoolians on Saturday 11th Jan 1-6 at Brink Liverpool with music and biscuits. May I also add that I am being lovely by writing this article. Get following them on Facebook and Twitter

Welsh boys Catfish and the Bottlemen played X&Y Festival back in July and have since been getting some regular airplay on Radio 1 with their single ‘Pacifier’. Their sound is very ‘indie rock’ but with a less is more attitude and its bloody awesome!!! They look like your average lads, not particularly handsome or out there with the way they dress. The four piece certainly rock and make the most amazing sound, they’ve obviously spent plenty of time in the rehearsal studio.


The lads will be playing the wonderful East Village Arts Club 23rd February. As I Love Live Events put them on at X&Y festival, guess what they are the promoters of this gig too. ‘I Love’ have got some great gigs coming up this year with lots of up and coming bands for 2014. Get your bums down to this gig I gotta feeling we wont be seeing Catfish and the Bottlemen in small venues for very long! TICKETS

From the ashes of the Masque, EVAC is becoming one of the main venues for music in Liverpool and hosting some brilliant bands including Foals (sold out), Foxes and Toy. It’s also the home of some of the best club nights in Liverpool such as Chibuku. TICKETS

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