Liverpool Music Awards 2013: Band of the Year Nominees

The 2nd Liverpool Music Awards takes place on Sunday 25th August at St George’s Hall. Public voting closes at midnight on Friday (16th Aug). The Band of The Year sponsored by Andrew Collinge nominees are…


By The Sea are a Wirral-based indie rock band. Their debut album was recorded and produced with fellow nominee Bill Ryder-Jones in various bedrooms, garages and churches. The album hopes to recall the sound and culture of the seminal 1980s indie bands that helped inspire it.



Clinic are an English post-punk revival/noise rock band noted for their often fast-paced, eclectic sound. Their sound is distinguished by the prominent use of vintage keyboards/organs, most notably the Philips Philicorda, and peculiar off-scale chord progression.



The Hummingbirds are a six-piece ensemble heavily influenced by music from the 50’s Skiffle and 60’s Merseybeat era capturing that unmistakable Liverpool sound that is helping make quite a stir with their feel-good tunes and strong melodic, harmonic sensibilities. Twitter friends include Wayne Rooney and Nico from the Tea Street.


To find out more about the nominees and to cast your votes, visit

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