NEWS: New book ‘The Beatles and Me’ reveals untold tales of meeting the fab four

This month saw the publication of a new Beatles book with a ‘difference’. Described as an ‘internet sensation’, The Beatles and Me contains roughly 40 unseen Beatles pictures and 70 new stories, and is the outgrowth of a Facebook page.

Some of the stories, a few which date back to The Beatles’ early years, haven’t been heard before, and some of the pictures have been tucked away for years because they haven’t been seen, either.

50 Years after having their first chart album, The Beatles remain the most popular showbusiness act of all time. Books, plays, films and musicals have been written about the group’s life, immortalising four unique personalities and musicians.

Yet there is still another experience to share that many people will never get the opportunity to experience. Not everybody has had the opportunity to meet a Beatle, and sadly, these opportunities are now very few and far between. But many lucky people have met them, yet their stories until now have not been shared.

John Lennon

These include former Cavern DJ and BBC Radio Merseyside legend Billy Butler’s revelation that he was once John Lennon for a few moments; Brian Epstein’s National Service days are recalled by his army buddy. There’s the poignant tale of George Harrison returning unnoticed to Matthew Street on one of his final visits to Liverpool, and sharing a drink with a stranger. One fan posed for a photo next to John Lennon as the Beatle spent his first proud moments after he was awarded what now seems sadly his American citizenship. Then there’s writer Spencer Leigh’s story of Paul McCartney proudly showing off his mobile phone picture of himself and President Obama.

Paul McCartney

In this unique first volume of The Beatles And Me, author Dean Johnson and illustrator Sara Phillips give invaluable source information on John, George Paul and Ringo.

This book will be an essential element of every Beatle fan’s collection, and will provide a unique insight into their lives by those people who met them, but until now have not had the opportunity to tell their stories. There is even a chance inside to win a genuine piece of historic memorabilia.

Maybe after reading this book, you too will know what it was like to meet a Beatle.


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