NEWS: The Monro Group inspires city residents to grow green

A group of residents from Liverpool City Centre have joined a growing garden-force of home-growers with a little help from The Monro Group. Working in partnership with the National Wildflower Centre (NWC) in Knowsley, The Monro Group invited 5 of their city centre based regulars to learn how they can grow a variety of herbs and vegetables within small and compact spaces available to city centre residents.

The workshop was organised by gastropub group The Monro Group to share their passion for fresh and local produce with the people they serve regularly at The James Monro and The Monro. The day included an expert presentation by NWC’s staff giving practical, hands-on workshops that allowed the budding home-growers to see the variety of produce they could grow in a very limited space and eat all year round. Everyone was able to take home the seedlings they had planted and begin nurturing their own, home grown produce.


The Monro Group will hold their own Grow Your Own Workshops at The Monro to help the increasing number of home-growers harvest the knowledge and skills they need to nurture fresh and flavoursome ingredients. The first of these events will be held at The Monro on Monday May 7th at 2pm.

William Lyons, Director of The Monro Group said:
“I live in the city centre and understand very well the challenges people face when attempting to tend to their own plots on a balcony or in a window box. With the rising cost of living, many people are looking at ways they can reduce their food bill by growing their own produce. The workshop gave the group and me a whole host of new ideas of how we can grow our own vegetables and herbs, as well as maintain them all year round”.

Lucinda Antal, Development Manager of NWC said:
“We share many values with The Monro Group, and promoting the freshness of home grown produce is one of them. It is part of our ethos to educate everyone about nature, and the wide variety of food they can grow in the smallest of spaces. From window boxes, hanging baskets or pots in the back yard, there is often an easy solution for those who want start their very own allotment at home.”

Taking inspiration from the workshop, The Monro Group has announced the installation of their very own grow-box in The Monro’s beer garden. The square metre container, which will be made from recycled decking planks, will be used to grow herbs and salads that will feature in dishes served at the renowned gastropub on Duke Street.

For more information about The Monro Group’s events, log on to or

Image (left to right): Charlotte Beckett, Nikki Konigs Balfry, Joanne James, William Lyons, Director of The Monro Group, Mike Pender, Julia Cave, Annick Laroque who led the day’s activities, David Peddie, Sandra Billyard.

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