NEWS: Wirral Food and Drink festival returns to Claremont Farm as the ‘Farm Feast’

After a year away Wirral’s much renowned Food and Drink Festival is to return on 25th and 26th May 2014 with a new name and broader offering of food and entertainment. ‘Farm Feast’ will remain at its Claremont Farm home and will continue to offer the finest local food & drink along with a music programme that will bring a true festival vibe to the event.

Organisers – Claremont Farm’s Andrew Pimbley and his team alongside Liverpool-based Orb Events (who also look after Liverpool’s Brazilica Festival) – have some very exciting changes and additions in store for Farm Feast which – although keeping quality local, seasonal and artisan food and drink at its heart – will evolve into a fully-fledged family festival.

Music is the food of love – and with this in mind, the new Farm Feast will feature main and acoustic music stages including a night time ‘Livestock’ event, programmed by some of Liverpool’s best known promoters. The full music programme and a host of other areas, events and activities will be announced in the New Year.

Elements of the old festival that visitors know and love, such as the farmers market, a wide variety of stalls from the region’s top food and drink producers and exhibitors, and the ever popular ‘sheep show’ will also be back for 2014.

Claremont Farm’s Andrew Pimbley said: “After having a year off, we can’t wait to show off our amazing new festival Farm Feast. We have always wanted to put on the best festival we can, so improving on the key elements that made Wirral Food and Drink so successful, combine it with the best music the region has to offer and with an evening festival to boot, is my ultimate event for Claremont to host. Bring on May 2014!”

Debbie Boyd of Orb Events said: “Farm Feast is a dream project for Orb events as we have admired the value led work that the team at Wirral Food & Drink have produced over the years. We are working hard to produce a fantastic event that is unique to the region and will provide a platform to celebrate producers of great food and great music in a fun festival atmosphere.”

Tickets are set to go on sale in mid January, when more tasty details on the full Farm Feast offering will also be revealed. 
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