NEWS: Writing on the Wall & Liverpool Mental Health Consortium announce free creative writing classes

Writing on the Wall
and the Liverpool Mental Health Consortium are offering a free creative writing course for people with experiences of mental distress and recovery. Beginning in July, the course will culminate in a showcase for World Mental Health Day in October.

The course will be designed to encourage and support quality writing and help raise participants confidence and self-esteem. We will look at different forms of storytelling and writing, and participants will be guided through the creative process: from gathering ideas to completing a first draft. Participants will be free to write in whichever form they prefer and will be encouraged to develop at their own rate.

What’s Your Story? will also offer writers the chance to promote their work during the week of World Mental Health Day by publishing the work of the participants on the Writing on the Wall website, in book form or posted on the walls of libraries or other relevant centres.

If you, or someone you know suffers or has suffered from mental health issues and would like to take part in this course, please contact us to book your/their place using the details on the image above.


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