REVIEW: Down Our Street, Royal Court 16 April 2013

Down Our Street, the Birkenhead based musical written and directed by Brian McCann, hit the stage at The Royal Court in Liverpool this week with a bang! A fantastic musical comedy about the ship building company Cammell Laird and their thousands of employees ‘down the yard’ and how the impact of the economy, politics and war effected them all. Tanith Facey went along…

Brian McCann did a fantastic job to successfully depict almost two centuries of history, in a two hour performance. You would think that would be too much detail, but it was seamless!

Starting in the 1800’s with the industrial revolution and ending in 2013, what a great historical journey he takes us on. Living in Oxton myself, this really was an eye opener for me.

Each cast member changed into a new character for every era depicted, which is not easy to do but they made it look effortless. Brian changed the dialect in each era, showing the subtle changes in our language over the years and ensuring authenticity for the audience. He also made sure that social changes were as equally evident, wives at home early on in the show, went out to work earning their own living as it progressed through the decades, it was very clever. Brian definitely got the balance right and his casting was spot on.

Cast members Suzanne Collins, Chrissy Rock, Lindzi Germain, Lynne Fitzgerald, Lesley Butler, Tom Hughes, Lenny Wood, Micky Finn, Roy Brandon and Ruth Laird, put on an awesome display of drama, comedy and song from the moment they stepped on stage. As a group they worked perfectly together and as individuals each of them were given the opportunity to let their talent shine through; we were not disappointed, they each did brilliantly. A couple of special mentions though, keep your eye out for Lenny Wood, he definitely stood out for me in his different character performances, and musically – Lindzi Germain was so impressive vocally. Every member of the cast impressed, they ensured the audience related, were engaged and thoroughly entertained. The comedy element to this show was definitely my favourite part, the humour was fitting a Merseyside based play and even if you are not from ’round ‘ere, you would definitely appreciate it.

Great actors, singers, and entertainers, the show was well rehearsed, well executed, well written, hilariously funny and in my opinion, an absolute must see! 5*****

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