REVIEW: Excess Baggage (Liverpool Write Now Festival) @ The Actors Studio, 13/04/11

The Liverpool Write Now One-Act Play festival returns for its second year, showcasing new writing talent from the city. Excess Baggage (written by David P. Griffiths) is one of eight plays to be shown during the 9 day festival at the intimate Actors Studio. Nicola Denton reviews…

Excess Baggage is a farcical comedy about a newlywed couple waiting to jet off on their honeymoon. When husband Jack (Chris Crookhall) agrees to look after a stranger’s bag, wife Kirsty (Emma Grace Arends) jumps to the conclusion the stranger is a terrorist.

The scenario is simple but packed with humour and a delightful cast. The play is set at John Lennon airport and starts off with light-hearted bickering between the couple, but becomes less so as they hit on more sensitive issues in their relationship. These serious moments are brief but meaningful, exploring the trials and tribulations of love. There are still plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in the 45 minute production.

Arends’ performance as the ditzy yet demanding blonde is a good counter-part to Crookhall’s sarcasm. Their characters are charming and believable. Donna Lesley Price as the outspoken May is also a comical character, with her brash appearance and anecdotes about marriage.

This is a tightly written play with twists, turns and misunderstandings, enough to keep the audience interested throughout. The observational humour also makes it easy to relate to, especially regarding unattended bags in airports. Short but sweet, witty and topical, a must see.

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