REVIEW: Farmaggedon 2013

“Farmaggedon is an extreme experience. We recommend you do not enter if you are of a nervous or weak disposition” is the warning as you enter Farmaggedon. This year’s launch night landed and our reviewer Tanith Facey went along with her dubious friends ready to be scared out of her wits…

Farmaggedon is in its 7th year now but this was the first time I had been, I have got to admit my expectation was quite high. Others had said “I didn’t sleep for weeks!” and “It’s the scariest thing I have ever experienced!”. But being an avid horror movie fan, this was going to have to be good!

The dark evenings are now firmly upon us so the journey to this farm house in Ormskirk was all part and parcel of the experience. Us four girls had no clue what we were walking into, we giggled nervously, debating how much scarier than the Haunted House at the funfair could it possibly be? How naïve we were because the answer was one hundred times scarier!!

As soon as you get there you are greeted by ghouls, zombies and scary clowns of every kind that will follow you around, sorry, CHASE you around! This is the first test to see which of your friends will be the ones to stick with you during the evenings events. There are three dark farm buildings, set up with different themes and versions of scary. The first is called Terror on the Farm, the second is Insanity and the third is Psychosis. I would be lying if I said I could remember everything I saw in detail as I ran through each of them, because a lot of the time you were firmly fixed on finding the exit! In addition, with the incessant hissing and screaming from the characters, often your eyes are closed and hoody pulled over your head in survival mode. From torturers and their victims, mental patients and crazy doctors, men with chain saws, the list is endless, but you will encounter them all and not in a friendly “it’s nice to meet you” kind of way!

Overall, the actors were brilliant, how they keep up that level of screaming and shouting for months is astonishing. The make-up and costumes are fantastic (the closer these guys get to you the more you will see the detail) and the scenery is top drawer. In between each of the three different farm house experiences there are plenty of photo opportunities for you, hilariously on checking my phone this morning, these actors do the best photo bombing!

Altogether though, some serious hard work and organization goes into this experience for you, for that I commend Farmaggedon strongly, well done, we had a brilliant night!

The best bit of advice is: let the bravest of your friends be at the front and the back of the group as you walk around. Otherwise carnage ensues and your petrified mates look more like part of the entertainment as they clamber for safety, usually by leap frogging over you! This year’s event is from 4th October to 2nd November. TICKETS


WORDS BY: Tanith Facey


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