REVIEW: Farmaggedon 2011 @ Farmer Teds, Ormskirk

Well, what can be said about Farmaggedon? Admittedly, I am a bit of a mans man and thought that this wouldn’t be scary and that ‘it is just a lot of actors in a little bit of make up prancing around a farm acting a bit weird’!!

Anyway, that’s what I told my wife when she chickened out and left me to go all alone! Well, in a way this was right, however what wasn’t taken into consideration was firstly the ‘little bit of make-up’ was so brilliantly done a Lucas Film Production would be proud, coupled with that the 3 months training that all the actors go through to become as scary as possible.

You enter Farmer Teds which is a working pig farm (by the way you should never trust anyone with a pig farm) in Ormskirk and are greeted by food and drink. This seemed like a sick twist to feed you up before the scare fest. Anyway, we all got stuck in. We then were told Farmaggedon is open, probably waiting for the sun to go down before they let us in!

There are 3 rooms to explore, Terror on the Farm, Insanity and Psychosis. Now, without wanting to go into detail about these rooms, you really have to see it for yourself, but the best way to imagine them are a cross between Stephen King’s IT, George A. Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead and the computer game Silent Hill. If you are familiar with any of these you will realise that Farmaggedon does not mess around! In addition congratulations has to go to the set designer and electricians as each room had its own distinct theme and was extremely convincing and horrifying.

Farmaggedon is truly terrifying yet not over the top, It reduced a ‘mans man’ to a quivering mess, at one point running and screaming trying not to stop next to any dark corners encase a zombie might come and make you scream. This is being advertised as a Scream Park and it does exactly that, highly recommended and only running through the month of October, so make sure you visit for the scream of your life.

Farmaggedon is at Farmer Ted’s, Ormskirk between 7-31 October with tickets starting at £15. Visit for more details

Review: Jake Street // Photos: Jamie McAleny & Jim Moody


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