REVIEW: Folks, The Shipping Forecast 31/01/13

Manchester six-piece band Folks performed at the Shipping Forecast last month, with support from Liverpool acts Go Fiasco and The Liberty Vessels. Our reviewer Craig Hall found himself less than impressed and cast adrift in a sea of beige.

It’s not within my nature to say that a performance of any kind was blanket terrible, it takes a lot of marbles to stand up in front of people and perform, so that in itself commands respect. However that doesn’t stop a night being thoroughly average, which brings me to EVOL’s presentation of Folks.

It speaks volumes when the promoter of the night in question is barely visible or present throughout the entire proceedings. If anyone were to enjoy what was put in front of the Shipping Forecast audience you would have assumed it would be the promoter. But in total honesty I can’t blame them for not hanging around. 

The glaring issue for me was simply that if you closed your eyes, you genuinely couldn’t tell when one band finished and the other began, something that Go Fiasco and The Liberty Vessels could almost be forgiven for, after all they’re just doing what they do and isn’t for them to carry the show.

Folks made what they were doing look entirely effortless, meaning they looked genuinely bored rather than making their performance look natural, though as a band they were a very tight unit.

Considering this was under one of Liverpool’s most critically acclaimed banners the night left a lot to be desired. Much like a lot of the fashions on display the whole experience was very Topshop: striving to be elitist yet irrevocably beige.


Words by: Craig Hall


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