REVIEW: If The Shoe Fits at Epstein Theatre

The critically acclaimed award winning comedy If The Shoe Fits written by Donna Lesley Price and directed by Richie Grice is currently showing at The Epstein Theatre. The tagline is “Sex, booze and Jimmy Choos” and that it was! Our reviewer Tanith Facey went along to try it on for size…

Set in a local Liverpool shoe shop, this comedy centred around five main, hugely different characters. The storyline, spanning only 24 hours, was jammed packed with lots of fun and plenty of drama.

Strong scouse accents, dialect and humour ensured we were giggling from the moment the cast stepped on stage. All of them played a comedy role, which ensured there was never a dull moment.

They portrayed the simple day to day shoe shop scenarios….shoe returns, staff attitude, incorrect stock deliveries and turned them into really comical scenes. Then the not so day to day scenarios like a shoe fetish shopper, which was very entertaining.

As the play unfolded though, it cleverly revealed that the everyday characters each had secrets. Of course I’m not going to tell you all of these as that would spoil it for you, but some of them were quite difficult subjects. Donna Lesley Price did well to give the right amount of seriousness to each of the subjects, bearing mind this was a comedy and the cast deserve just as much credit for their delivery. The storyline in the second half webbed all of their secrets together bringing us more drama and intrigue which definitely kept the audience engaged.

The cast Donna Lesley Price (writer), Richie Grice (director) Jodie Nesbitt, Charlie Griffiths, Angela Simms, Trevor Fleming, Lesley Hughes, James William-Watts, Chris Crookall and Michael Swift were great individually and great as a team. Each of them had their star moments, look out for the toilet scene by Liz (Charlie Griffiths), the film recruiting scene with club DJ Guntha (Trevor Flemming) and the curlers & pyjama shopper (Lesley Hughes), all very funny. Star of the show though was Richie Grice himself. What a character, so talented, you will be laughing from the moment he steps on stage, he did brilliantly.

Overall an entertaining show, light hearted, witty and thoroughly enjoyable.

Words by Tanith Facey

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