REVIEW: Joey Bada$$ at The Shipping Forecast, 12/11/2012

Our reviewer Tanith Facey was at the wonderful Shipping Forecast venue on Monday to see for herself what all the Joey Bada$$ fuss was about. This Brooklyn based, 18 year old rap phenomenon is expected to be the next big thing in the hip hop world. His first UK visit has been long awaited by his UK fan base, so this gig was going to be an experience.


Picture this, a standing venue, dark underground cavern, small stage with decks at the back, mixed crowd I’d say mainly under 30, 80% men…get the picture?…no?…Have you ever seen Eminem doing battle in 8 mile? There you go, now you are with me!

I knew this gig was going to be all about the music and nothing else. The vibe was relaxed, but you could see how keen Joey’s fans were as they all jostled for position up front close to the stage. The support act, Children Of The Damned, I have to say warmed up the crowd really well. There was plenty of head bobbing and whistling in appreciation for COTD, a unique form of acknowledgement that you only ever get to understand if you have been to see an urban act like this live. It’s a culture!

The vibe went up a notch as soon as the man himself made his appearance. Joey bounced on stage welcomed by the resounding “boom” noise of a ready to participate crowd. As soon as the music started that was it, arms in the air, energy levels rocketed! If you have ever listened to hip hop music properly, lyrically its poetic, there is a story, a message. His are strong, pretty out there to be honest, not for everyone and there is most certainly a parental guidance warning on his album! There wasn’t a single person in the room not dancing like they meant it though.

I think he is going to make the impact his record label expect, it is clear he has something special, he is very talented and holds a definite stage presence. Overall the only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the hour wait between the support and his act (yeah the standing venue made that less comfortable!) but by the end of the night, I felt suitably street LOL and appreciative of the underground scene I have been missing out on so far in Liverpool!

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