REVIEW: John Shuttleworth – Out Of Our Sheds, Liverpool Playhouse

In line with all my other reviews I decided to visit The Liverpool Playhouse with no knowledge of what Out Of Our Sheds by John Shuttleworth was all about or what to expect. Once seated, all I could see on stage was a basic electronic organ and a glitter ball. This was going to be interesting! Tanith Facey reviews.


From the moment the man himself stepped on stage, I was giggling. John Shuttleworth is a fictional singer song writer and radio presenter in his late 50’s from Walkley in Sheffield and reminds me in many ways of Vic Reeves. His show consisted of stories about himself and his dinner lady wife Mary. Out Of Our Sheds refers to the fact he was not allowed to play his electric organ in the house anymore and has been confined to the shed…until now!

He brings his comedy songs to theatres around the UK, sharing his stories and experiences of adjusting to the twenty first century. His stories include his experiences in villages compared to city life. The one about comparing supermarket check outs and village shop owners is brilliant and his elaborate version of an experience with ebay is simply genius!

This one man show was simply stand up at its very best. It is not easy to ensure your audience is entertained when it is just you and an electronic organ for props, but he made it look effortless. His timing was impeccable and his signature mannerisms keep you chuckling throughout. He kept the audience suitably engaged for the full 90 minutes and his comedy songs spanned many musical genres, very entertaining.

In short, a must see show!!




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