REVIEW: Leaf Pudding Club, Leaf Bold Street, 24th Sep

Leaf Tea Shop
on Bold Street hosts their own ‘Pudding Club’ every month where food lovers can enjoy various desserts made fresh by their chefs. From cheesecake to panacotta, from sponge cake to parfaits there is a whole host of scrumptious puds to choose from. Our reviewer Rachel Donohoe went to sample the delights…

I’m a huge fan of Leaf, it’s laid back cosy atmosphere while still being a trendy and unique venue is not hard to like. I’ve seen bands there, caught up with friends over a bottle of wine or two and sampled a few things on their menu but oddly enough I’d never tried any of their wide varieties of teas or puddings. I’ve been living a sheltered life and Pudding Club threw me in at the decadent deep end.

My partner and I along with the rest of the guests at the sold out event were treated to a five course ‘Devastation Desert Dinner’ with refreshingly well thought out teas that complimented each pudding. These Leaf guys know their stuff.

Our first course consisted of Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake served with Green Rooibos tea. The cake was rich and creamy with an almost crispy backed coating and a dark biscuit base drizzled in chocolate. It was amazing and a great start! I must admit I was quite surprised at the size, I was expecting something a little smaller so I lost my nerve a little and left some on my plate (the only one on our long table to do so I think). I needn’t of worried, at the end of the evening I wasn’t stuffed, just nicely full. The tea tasted like green tea to me and we were told it had calming effects. It went really well with the cheesecake.

Cheesecake Pudding Club

Next up was Szechuan Roast Pineapple with Toffee Sauce served with Jasmine Pearls tea. This was the course my partner was dreading (he’s not a fruit fan) but he ate it all and enjoyed it. Its Asian style preparation had an enjoyable effect and it cleansed the pallet after the rich cheesecake. I’m not sure if I’d be a huge fan of the Jasmine Pearls on its own but it really complimented the pineapple. Perhaps it had something to do with my partner smelling the fragrant tea and saying “Hmm smells like Toilet Duck!” I think Palma Violets sweets is a nicer analogy.

Toffee Pudding Club


The third course was a White Chocolate Parfait served with Champagne Cassis. The parfait was beautifully creamy and had an accompanying red berry sauce which enhanced the flavours. Our plates were practically licked clean! I also loved the champagne flavour of the tea, I will really have to buy some quite like the idea of sipping champagne (tea) at my desk.

Panacotta Pudding Club

Our penultimate course was Raspberry Fool served with Basket of Berries. A light moose with tangy berries, unfortunately our spoons didn’t reach the bottom of the glass so we were left with a little left over. The berry tea was rich and tasty.

And finally we had the Orange and Chamomile Panacotta with Autumn Fire tea. Unfortunately this was my least favourite dessert it was just far too sweet for me. However I did enjoy the Autumn Fire tea which tasted just like Christmas!

Parfait Pudding Club

I’d definitely go to the Pudding Club again, we both enjoyed it and I think it would be good to go as a group there were a few parties there celebrating birthdays. My overall verdict: Leaf Pudding Club was delightfully delicious.



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